Loch Bradan surprise

Landranger 77        GPX
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On a very pleasant September day I was
investigating a public right of way near
Dalmellington (MR451028) to Knockdon
(MR432008). The middle bit from Little
Shalloch to the 324 peak SE of Widows loch
was a carry.  I cycled up the west of water
of Girvan to Braden Dam where I discovered
the forestry  had put in an improved track all
the way around Loch Bradan and a
connecting track across the moor to Loch
Finlas forest.
The north Loch Braden track was a bit rough
for pleasure, however the South Bradan track
which starts near Ballochbeattiae (MR 419957)
is a bit smoother. The track across the moor to
Loch Finlas  starts at MR 437975 and ends at
MR 464973 climbing to 450m with a great
rough downhill to Finlas.
The ideal route is from Stinchar Bridge (MR
395956) over to Ballochbeatties then Finlas and
return via Loch Riecawr, I however went north
to Gaw Glen (MR 481025) and back over the
hill track behind Craigengillan Farm to Dalcairnie.
On the 19thSep I did the forest drive route the
following week and it is very pleasant with
views down to the Merrick hills.
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I checked the Foresty Commission web site and there is a very brief mention of the trail here.
In Straiton store I purchased a leaflet 'Cycling in the forest - Galloway forest park' which shows this
track and others, info from Forest district office, Creebridge, 01671 402420.
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