Road cycle route Dailly, Lendalfoot and Barr
Distance 50km 500m climb
Park in Dailly where there is a tea room, grocer and pub.
Using the Landranger map number 76 and comparing with the map below the route
is self evident. However a brief description is given below.
With Dailly square behind you go left along the main street and up left at the
co-op shop, turn right at the main road. In 3 km fork off toward Barr but in
1km after goining the B734 fork off right toward Pinmore (7km).
On reaching Pinmore and the A714 go left forking off right almost
immediately toward Lendalfoot.
At Lendalfoot go left on the A77 but leave almost immediately next left
climbing steeply over the hill to the quiet A765 going left and then left in
Where the minor joins the A714 go left toward Girvan.
Leave the A714 in just under 3 km toward Barr, after crossing the bridge
into Barr go right then left in 300m uphill out of the village on the Newton
Stewart road.
In 2km go left toward Dailly and Crosshill, in 7km at the B741 go left back
to Dailly and the start.
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