Largs area trails
All of these trails have a push or carry and heavy going in places
From north to south.
The Knock Castle (Knock hill) trail has three options depending on the direction of ascent
and descent. The routes from Knock castle and Brisbane main come together at the north side
of Knock hill, where the track become very overgrown and a bit of pushing is needed. Near
the summit the track spirals up to the trig point. There is a steep way down directly south but
goes along the edge of the golf course (so isn't legal) which leads to a  tree lined small gorge
with a nice single track back to the road or to a track past Bankhead farm.
The trail from the Greeto bridge track to Noddsdale is a bit of a sprachel It starts from
behind Flatt farm steeply uphill on a good track but about 100m before the trees on the right
after crossing a style there is a faint track off to the left it leads to a sheep pen and then on
below Cauld rocks (Quad rocks locally) stay high (push) cross the gorge and go down to the
tree line to a track which zig zags into the trees and down past Noddsdale house to the road.
The trail from Blairpark to Greeto bridge also has a bit of push in the middle bit with a
carry at the stream crossing. From the end  of the track on the north east of Rigging hill go
northeast on very rough ground to ensure the gorge is small for the stream crossing.
Try to work away from the stream by contouring a bit toward Linnshaw burn and descend to
the track between Linnshaw burn and the other prominent burn on the map. After this the
track is fun and there is a nice picnic spot at Greeto bridge.
Fechan to the view point. This trail is intermittent and has a push carry at the start.
Opposite Fechan cross the low fence and push carry up to the left to a gate, through the gate
and continue (push) up to a ruined wall, 100m beyond the wall there is a grassy track
contouring to the left, this is the track which leads around the hill above Haylie reservoir and
with a little climb to the view point. The track is intermittent but contours more than
The best bit of this trailis the down hill from the viewpoint go north from the view point to
descend toward the cottage but turn back along the wall cross the cottage road and descend
the short little downhill in Douglas park (watch out for walkers).
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