Kelburn and Douglas Park
A figure of eight loop around Kelburn and Douglas Park
Distance 10km climb 250-300m
Start at Fairlie railway station car park.
Leave the car park on the footpath cross
the burn and climb up the road keeping
right steeply up.
Go straight onto a rougher track up to
Fairlie Castle.
Opposite the castle go through the
opening in the wall and along the level
Lady Walk, in 300m fork right uphill and
follow the singletrack near the fence
eventualy descending and right to a steep
stair on a bridge.
Keep right up a rough tarmac track all
the way up past Fairlieward cottage,
forking left downhill over the Kel burn
continuing downhill.
Just after a sharp left bend at a burn
(MR216575) go right up to the water
works behind it there is a metal gate, go
through it along the field for 150m and
up right pushing between two crags to a
gate and the A760.
Go left 200m and turn off the main road to the picnic area on the right.
Climb beyond the parking, go through a gate, and cross the grassy track over a narrow
wooden bridge climbing left to the summit view point of Douglas hill.
From the view point take the right fork contouring a little then descending toward Castle hill
cottage, go left at the wall and down to the access road to the cottage.
From here you can go left on the tarmac out to Haylie brae, right and left just after the next
sharp right back into Kelburn,
OR, complete the Douglas park Downhill trail going left at the
bottom and climbing back up Haylie Brae to the same Kelburn entrance.
Go back into Kelburn and climb to Fairlieward cottage, fork left past the cottage (or take
the route through the field below the cottage (stile).
Follow the rough track through upper Kelburn until just before the open area where you can
go off left through the trees (saves some mud) parallel to the track rejoining it two thirds of
the way along just after a lift over a fallen tree.
After rejoining the track in 150m is a T junction go left and then down over the burn.
Fork off left in the trees to avoid the mud then descend beside the pheasant pen. At the
next choice (150m) go left along the top of a bank (away from the mud), descend then
bend left climbing to a track off right, take it and descend on a rough wet muddy track to
the top of Fairlie glen (metal gate) go right down the very rough track, to the castle, go left
behind  the castle and down the single track back to the start, (left across the footbridge).
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