Irvine Trails
Distance 25km flat
Irvine is blessed with many trails
most of narrow tarmac. The
trails in the map are a mix of
surfaces and the stretch at
Pierston House is woodland
Park in Eglinton and get a map of
the trails from the visitor centre,
the fold out map is best not the
Follow the New Town Trail out
of the park. The Perceton wood
should be done from north to
south to get it downhill. You will
have joined the road near
Perceton opposite Perceton
mains so turn off at Barcley
Gardens onto a blaze trail for
50m, at the post go through the
gap on your right between two
posts, left through the wood and
left at the exit
Then right and left at the crossroads taking  the track on the right off the road after crossing.
Locating the bridge over the A71 is a little tricky but just on the north side of Dreghorn is a stretch
of the New Town Trail, go west on it over Annick Water.
After the Annick crossing turn left immediately and climb into Dreghorn housing go straight on
for 100m and left through between houses on a fenced path then out to the B7081, go straight
across and the bridge is at the end of the road.
The waste ground on the other side of the bridge has three option take either the left or straight
both are muddy in wet weather. On reaching the River Irvine go right under the B7080, and
follow it north to the first roundabout. Go left into the commercial area and make your way
down to the north bank of the river follow the river under the A78 either follow the river or cut
the corner to a bridge where Annick Water joins the River Irvine,cross go right and follow the
trail by Annick Water back to Dreghorn and retrace you outgoing track remembering to repeat
the Perceton Wood. In Eglinton go over by the Standing stones on the return.
There are a couple of Nature reserves which have short trails worth a visit shown on the map
and marked by nature reserve signposts on the ground. The one on the far side of the A737 is
larger and worth the effort.
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