Grazalema natural park
Grazalema natural park is a two hour drive
north west of Malaga and about 40km west
of Rhonda. The area is limestone and is a
reserve for the rare Spanish Pinsapo fir.
In the park is the largest European colony of
Griffin Vultures. There are Ibex, mountain
goats and many species of bird.
Limestone scenery
A map of the area can be obtained from the local shops it is of low quality although it does
show the main tracks.
The area is quite small and the choice of walk is limited so our week stay there was long
enough to get a good flavour of the place.
We walked partly in open country where we saw pigs ranging freely, many birds including
White Stork and Golden Eagle.
Mountains above Grazalema
Simacon mountain
The high peak we visited is called Simacon and at 1500m it is a pleasant day walk in limestone
country with great views from the summit.
Another very nice mountain walk was from Benaocaz to Grazalema with a detour to the
goatherd’s leap (there must have been a woman involved here).
The last day started wet (this is the wettest  area of southern Spain) so we had a pleasant low
level walk in showery conditions and occasional sticky clay.
It is a nice area but there are other places to be visited before I would choose to return to
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