Gleniffer Braes
12km 200m climb
Brandy burn way above Graigenfeoch
The view over Paisley
The routes here tend to be linear
so if you like circuits you need to
do loops at the east or west.
There is a little loops above
Jonstone and in Glen Park and some
higher tracks for variety.
The start of Robertson park,do you want to climb or contour?
I parked at the west car park which has the great
view over Paisley, went east first then west.
Brandy burn way
The trail to the west into Robertson park has a
grassy straightish (boring) downhill but you have to
climb all the way back up on the tarmac road, so it
hardly seems worth it. Out west to Johnston, on the
Brandy burn way is quite nice and there is a loop
above the quarry but you then need to decide which
way to return (road or retrace route). I went out the
climbing trail, onto the Brandy burn way down to the
loop above Johnstone, came back the same way but
used the contour route in the park which has nice
little steps and rocks.
Going east just follow the track eventually reaching Glen Park.
At the far end of the park go up right leaving the wide tarmac road end across the grass and at the
top fence is a trail contouring round the hill, over a couple of stiles and joining the track above
Brownside farm. Go right and follow the track to its end at a gate.
Go left along the fence, and left again, to a track at Harelaw reservior, at the bend leave the good
track right and climb on a grassy trail to a signpost, go right toward Glenburn reservior.
On reaching Glenburn reservior ignore the sign pointing to Paisley and go left along the edge of the
fence to the reservior track, through a gate and at the next bend go into the trees (fallen fence) and
down a rooty track into Glen park, turn left and return the way you came.
You could start at Glen Park doing the Brownside loop first, head over to Robertson Park, out the
Brandy burn trail and return, that way much of the climb will be at the start and down hill to
Route addition
South of Neilston is Neilston pad a nice little area for the MTB, parking at MR 473545.
A loop can be made round the tracks anticlockwise avoid two gates by climbing left at MR
476546 after the main track junction, and right downhill before the fence along the tree edge.
Exit the area to MR466560 through a gate and beside the west side of the stream, below the old
railway cross the minor road onto a good track.
At the next junction go left uphill into a wooded area where again you can loop about investigating
eventually exit at MR474575, going left, crossing the A736, go right on the minor road to
MR495591 where you go left (easy to miss) up past Woodneuk and the track around Harelaw
reservoir following the signed path down to Glen Park and onto the Gleniffer rout above.
The return is by road or out and back.
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