Straiton, Glenalla and Loch Bradan
Distance 33km climb 350m           GPX
When my wife and I were on a week end walk down the river Girvan we noticed the track along
Glenalla Fell so I returned to investigate and discovered it links across to the Crosshill hill road  (short
walk) giving a nice loop with some impresive scenery, although there is quite a bit of tarmac on route
the rest is forestry roads with lots of open views. A variation can be made near the finish by going
straight on at the Straiton road to Bradan dam this gives some rough singletrack on the north Bradan
trail but is flat then downhill to Straiton.
Parking is at Straiton and the start is just across the bridge from the swing park down a rough lane on
the right, along a field edge, across a footbridge and left to Bennan farm, continuing to Craigfad and
forking off toward Knockskae on the hillside, going up right (gate) then left above Knockskae. The
track ends on the south slopes of Glenalla but go straight ahead for 300m (some walk) and the track
reappears. Go left at the tarmac down to North Balloch and climb for 1.5km on tarmac then left onto a
forest road at MR341937 to the Newton Stewart road in 6km.
From here the choice is left to Straiton or straight on for Bradan singletrack. If you go to Bradan when
you reach the Dam the single track continues off to the left away from the dam, not the more obvious
track below it, and descends to a forest road where you should turn right at the junction down to the
tarmac road beside the river Girvan, then left out to Straiton.
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