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Glen Feshie
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Glen Feshie and Glen Tromie landranger 35, 42 & 43

Route in brief 43km 500m climb and descent with
about 3km of more or less trackless ground.

I did this cycle from Alvie while my son was competing in
a downhill race.
My suggested parking is in Glen Feshie  GR841999.
An option for a better off road return which I didn’t do due to the Alvie start,  is the
track from Drumguish GR795995 back to the suggested start.
The route is straight forward, following the tarmac road south past Glenfeshie Lodge
where the tarmac ends.
Follow the track up to Lochan an t-Sluie GR828903 and continue the climb up to the
700m mark above the forest.
The good track ends at the north west edge of the forest GR283897.
From here descend south west beside the forest and then turn west down the glen
which is pretty well trackless for 3km but rideable in places.
The good track starts again in Glen Tromie GR 776893 and should be followed out to
the B970.
From here it is possible to cycle off road from Drumguish past Coranstilbeg (830990)
back to the start.
The alternative is to cycle the pleasant B970 back to the starting point.
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