Garryhorn lead mine
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Recently (May 04) I revisited Garryhorn lead mine but started in Carsphairn forest, up
past Moor and the west side of Polwhat rig, carrying the bike across to the track
leading down to Green well of Scotalnd from the track end at MR565965. The
Garryhorn route then being cycled clockwise and completing the route on the track
around the south of Lamford hill. This gives a good cycle if you do not mind a rough
Original route
Garryhorn lead mine. Landranger 77

Route in brief
12km or 17km, 150m climb, good track, open area with valley view, lead mine.

Start is from A713, 10km south of Dalmellington near Drumjohn. Downhill 1km and then
right over Carsphairn Lane and climb up over the moor to the lead mine. Descend to the
main road to return. An alternative is to pass the power station into the forest loop which
will add about 3km.
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