My cycling chum and I did this route in Aug 2010 during a weeks visit
to Aviemore, I think this was the highlight of the week even though it
was heavy showers throughout the day.

Park just south of the Alt Ban bridge east of Loch Morlich.  
This route is a point to point starting at the east end of Loch Morlich
and ending in Aviemore it is of course possible to cycle from Aviemore
to the start. The benefit of getting dropped off at the start is that after
the initial climb to Ryvoan Bothy the route is mainly downhill.

Cycle back over the bridge (north) and go right beside the burn, in
700m go up left climbing quite steeply going right at the top at the rifle
range gate follow the singletrack down and left up to the main track to
An Lochan Uaine, and Ryvoan Bothy.
2km past the bothy keep left, 1.5 km right away from Rynettin then
fork left in 200m down to the Forest Lodge junction where we went left
directly east for 600m and then right leading north to Nethy Bridge in
1km past Dell Lodge go right down to a track by the River Nethy. At
the end of it go left up hill in the village for 100m and right into the
wood, keeping right close to the village on some singletrack following
it around the village to the junction on the B970 at Birchfield area.
Follow the Speyside way through the wood beside pylons to the minor
road 1km NW of Loch Garten. Go left of the roadside track to the
parking just before Loch Garten and go right in past the parking, fork
left in 300m down to Loch Mallachie. There is some rooty singletrack
by the side of the  track next to Loch Garten.

Leave the main track at the north edge of Loch Mallachie following
singletrack and a larger track to the B970 road juntion to Boat Of
Garten (BoG). Take the road to Boat of Garten. From here you can
follow the Speyside Way back to Aviemore. Although the GPX route
will take you a little further west in the wood at (BoG).
Forest Lodge (Aviemore)
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