Fairlie trails (part1)
More Fairlie trails
These trails have some steep climbs and mud and the descent at Fairlie glen is difficult
Kelburn and the sea wall trail
This is the most straightforward trail. At Fairlie garage go up the track on the
right beside the garage keep climbing all the way up past Fairieward cottage
following the track left to the bridge and continuing down to exit onto Haylie brae
At Failiewardyou can go straight on through a gate and then onto the moor on a
trail that leads to Fechan and the trail to
Largs viewpoint.
Go down then left at the traffic lights, down to just beyond the marina entrance.
Leave the road here, going below the railway then immediately left between the
railway and the marina. This takes you to the see wall and back to Fairlie.
The Castle trail
Start as above but half way up to Fairlie ward go right (second) on a very steep
rough track this climbs and becomes grassy.
From here, if you wish, you can go directly up hill and onto the moor where a
track leads round the hill to Fechan and a trail across to
Largs view point.
Go across the trees (flat grassy track) and left downhill a little to the wooden
bridge over the burn. Push up from the bridge go right following the track or just
to the left of the track to avoid the mud.. The track swings steeply uphill for
100m and then you should turn right going down and left to the gate and footpath
at Fairlie glen. Go down this rock track and go left behind the castle onto the
footpath down to the station.
Watch out for pedestrians as it is well used.
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