Map landranger 78
Start Durisdeer  MR 893036   Parking in Durisdeer
Local interest
Queensberry Aisle, church dates from 1699 and noted for its elaborate monument by Van Nost.

Route 1 19km , 250m climb
At the cemetery go east up Glenaggart (steep) past the bothy to Blackhill Moss. Take the upper
track and follow the Glen down to Garroch Water and the tarmac road. Go west (right) over
Cample Water (4km) and right to Morton Castle.
Follow minor tarmac roads back to Durisdeer

Route 2
Distance 27 km. Strenuous, 2km carry/push.
North east from Durisdeer along roman road to A702.
The ascent on the Roman road is not hugely steep but it is continuous and although the surface is
fair the climb is strenuous.
The descent to the A702 is rutted and hence tends to be slower than might be hoped
After Potrenick burn on the A702 follow Southern Upland Way over Portail Water by footbridge
and along the rough track into the forest where a short steep section leads  to the forest track.The
forest track climbs gently to open ground and then descends to the tarmac road to Daer reservoir.
Travel south to the end of the tarmac and follow the pleasant track from Kirkhope past Daerhead
to Thick Cleuch Moss where there is an alternative track leading up Sheil Dod.
This track is loose and steep and not  a good ascent although it does go across the tops of
Wedder law, Blackgrain shoulder and down to Glenaggart near Durisdeer.
Continue up the non existent path shown on the map over Thick Cleuch Moss (push/carry) for
1.5 km. but with a bit of a view as a reward at the top. The descent from here is partly ridable
through heather and then along the narrow track beside the burn, a bit of skill means this part can
be enjoyed.
A better track is reached and leads past Blackhill Moss to the bothy at the top of Glenaggart.
The last section of the route is a fast exciting  descent down Glenaggart to Durisdeer.

Route 3  45km, 800m climb 2km push/carry, very strenuous, great views.
Start as route1 but fork very steeply uphill after 1km. Follow this track (intermittent) marked by
posts where it disappears, over Blackgrain shoulder, to Wedder Law, Shiel hill and Daerhead.
Go 1/2 km north then across rough ground east to Crook Burn (2km part push/carry). Continue
east on the track 3km and turn sharp left before Blairmark into the forest passing Hangingshaw
Hill just south. Go right and then left over Craig Hill.
Follow the Southern Upland Way to the north end of Daer Reservoir and rejoin the tarmac road.
Use the tarmac to  A702 or the forest  track.
There is then the option of the A702 or the roman road to Durisdeer.
The A702 is a welcome free wheel, the roman road is a 90m climb and fast descent to Durisdeer.
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These GPX routes are not accurate over the rougher
areas and should be treated as guidance only. I did
these routes a few years back and have used memory
and the descriptions to produce them.