Dundonald mountain bike routes

See Dundonald single
track description below
Dundonald Castle
Dundonald   Landranger 70

Route in brief
20km, 100m climb, much tarmac, 30m on
trunk road.
Interest - Dundonald Castle, Symington
Norman church.

Park at the cemetery on B730 near
Symington. Descend and go straight on to
the minor road after Dankeith, after 3/4
km g go straight on again off the road.
At the end of the track go right 100m then
The track heads west, at the tarmac road go left to Dundonald. In Dundonald go straight across FOLLOW THE
DIRECTION IN BLUE BELOW AROUND DUNDONALD HILL TRAIL  then go down the track along the west of
the dam  past and continue west over the dual carriageway to the tarmac road, turn left. 2 1/2km turn right (there is no
other option) in to Fullarton where it is worthwhile having a little cycle round the edge of the park on some singletrack.
NOTE  the dual carriageway can be avoided by using the minor road Past Wester Croft and Corraith then right
to Symington and miss the section in italics below.
Keep turning left through Fullarton to the B749 turn left to the dual carriageway, left to the roundabout and exit on
the minor tarmac road after the fist exit. 2 1/2 km go straight on at a right turn on to a good track. Rejoin tarmac after 1
km and turn right
At the Wheat Sheaf inn Symington turn left past the Norman church and take the last road on the left past new houses.
Leave the tarmac in to the woods and follow the track to Dankeith caravan park, exit park, turn right uphill to start point .
Dundonald Hill singletrack   distance 7.5km climb 150m

Blue on the map is the outward route, red is the return route, black is other tracks.

Park at the Castle visitor car park, Easter to the end of October the cafe is open.
Cycle behind the visitor centre and beside the play park, down to the bridge, cross and go right, fork right in
100m and follow the track out round Auchans ruin and ascend the good track up the small glen.
It bends left at the top and in 150m deteriorates, continue along it for 100m and go sharp right uphill on a
fainter track.
Follow this track close to the wall then along diversions due to tree fall.
You will go down and up a significant dip and shortly after this climb behind a large fallen beach almost up to
the fence.
Go left keeping close to the fence and wall on a  faint trail then  left back to the main path.
Just beyond the bend turn onto a track on the right, climb then contour on the right of the hill 250m to an open
area follow the right track into a nice wooded glen.
Keep to the good track  right and in about 250m when there is an field on the right go steeply up left (push),
beside a small burn, all the way up to a fence.
Follow the track and enjoy some lovely singletrack, taking the right fork half way along descending to the SW
corner of the loch.
Return along the loch, passing the spot where you pushed up the hill, follow the obvious track back the way you came to
the open area.
To have some fun singletrack (if its dry) climb  left off the main track just before a dip over a piped  ditch and follow the
track over the hilltop bending  right.
The track is faint in places but tend to the north (left) and descends to the wall, following it out
to the larger track over a plank bridge
Return the way you came, high next to the wall and just before the track improves look out for  three downhill options
each starting at a slightly different spot.
Turn right at the bottom eventually climbing  back to the car park, or if you feel energetic do it all again.
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