Cornalees Visitor centre Descent to Overton 60m in 1.5km great views return the same way or do the Greenock cut (flat). Park at landranger map 63 MR248721
Leepmoor forest 120m descent over 1.5km from MR216700. Car parking half way up at the waterworks MR 225716 and finishing at Hill with a silly detour round the cottage.
I don't consider myself to
be technically great
downhill, if I can't roll it I
don't do it. The downhills
here are selected from the
XC routes in the site,
modified to get the
quickest downhill return
for effort expended. Some
of them are suitable for car
drop off and pick up but
most are not.
Howcraig ruin track 100m over 1km starting from MR 247584
Greeto bridge 150m over 1km starting at MR228596
Kelburn to Haylie brae and lower Douglas park 170m over 1.5 km starting at Mr226570 landranger map 63 then at A760 on Haylie brae up and first left into Douglas parkKelburn to Haylie brae and lower Douglas park 170m over 1.5 km starting at Mr226570 landranger map 63 then at A760 on Haylie brae up and first left into Douglas park
Douglas Park behind largs 110m descent in 5 minutes from the view point landranger 63 MR 215585. A 10 minute push from car park at Haylie reserviour.
Fairlie Glen 170m descent from MR221547 (push to start)  or MR219553 by going through the gate at the end of the cycleable Fairlie Glen track.
Misty Law 330m descent over 4km but all has to be cycled up to the start point at landranger 63 MR296618. Access from MR323576 or from Lochwinnoch via Linthills MR340600. Click for a description.
Kaim quarry downhill 150m 10minutes Start at landranger 63 MR 221536. Parking on moor road at MR 222522. 15 minute push and carry to the start.
Biglees disused quarry road 110m descent in 3 minutes Start landranger MR209515 park at North Kilruskin and cycle to the top of the obvious quarry road or go half way up to Biglees by car.
Goldenberry Hill 100m descent in 2 minutes Starting at landranger 63 MR182503. Cycling access from Parking MR200503 on the main A78
Glentane hill 100m on North side descent 110m south side descent from landraner 63 MR221514 access from Crosbie reser or Fairlie moor road MR 221522. This can be combined with a difficult traverse of the west edge of Glentane hill (from the south) to make a loop
Caldron hill 70m over 0.3km starting at MR232511 heading north east to parking on the Fairlie moor road upper cattle grid MR236517
Douglas wind farm on Common hill gives 150m descent in 2km MR800311 is the top of the hill parking at Douglas west 820310. Another downhill starts behind Douglas at MR840295 south west down to the A70, parking in Douglas.
Cairn Table Muirkirk 300m over 2km from the summit of Cairn Table Landranger map 71 MR724242 down to Kaims
Kirkland hill 170m descent in 1km starting at MR735157 south west to Vennel
Windy Standard 250m over 3km starting from MR 620013 Landranger map 77 or 25m over 3km from MR 595595
Glengaber hill Wanlockhead 170m descent in 1km starting from MR844139 Landranger map71
A couple of downhill trails at Dailly On Barony hill (gate half way) down to Poundland(150m descent in 1.5km), the Glengee wood trail(100m descent in 1km) and Glenshalloch wood(150m descent in 2km)
Sanquar on the Southern Upland Way 250m descent in 3 km. Mainly on a faint moorland track. The ascent is cycleable in the main.
East mount Lowther 300m descent in 2 km starting at MR 876100 Landranger map 71 down to Glenim beside Lang Cleuch with a further 100m descent over 2km out to the B797
Bradan and Cornish 150m over 1.5km or 100m over 1km SE of Loch Bradan starting at MR445963 or 75m over .75km on Cornish hill starting at MR403943 landranger map 77
The Merrick a mountain descent (and ascent) up and down from the cafe at Stroan Bridge MR371786 landranger map 77 700m descent over 6km but all has to be climbed first.
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