Kaim hill and Biglees dowhill mountain bike routes
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Kaim hill and Biglees
This is a great downhill. Getting up to
Kaim hill Quarry is easiest done from the
cattle grid at the dry stone dyke half way
up the Fairlie moor road and is a push
and carry right up to the end of the
quarry on the obvious track.
Downhill coming out of the quarry
follow the obvious track to start but
immediately after the short steep rocky
bit fork left on the less obvious track and
cross the little burn using the placed rock.
After the flatter section followed by a
dipdip keep left on a less rutted path and
after a flatter section fork right onto a
smaller path keeping away from the
tarmac road.
Cross the little wooden bridge and go left immediately beside the burn on a terraced grassy path
continue through the heather (watch out for the hidden  rut) onto a quad track and through the
burn to a track. Go left to the tarmac road.
Cross the tarmac road going behind the fence descending a little to the gate and fence beside the
cut area. Follow a faint path in the cleared area beside the wall and down to a track going left
down to a bridge and then following it up and through Biglees. Go left at the gate onto the rough
track 200m beyond Biglees and descend down the quarry road to North Kilruskin.
Glentane hill
Go up from Crosbie following the track onto the moor. Climb the ridge and follow the quad
track (push) up to some rocks then left on the quad track over Glentane. The downhill starts at
the top of Glentane and a nice return can be made back through Biglees down to North Kilruskin
as above.
Biglees quarry
Climb to the quarry from North Kilruskin then simply reverse and freewheel down again.
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