Mountain biking Dalry trails
Brodoclea to SouthCamphill
Access is no longer possible to Brodoclea
due to a high fence and unwelcoming
occupants. However it is possible to get
to Plann from the reservior and onto the
good tracks around Dalry windfarm.
South Camphill to Dykes
Just before the road junction is an
obvious (muddy) track go along this and
contour around the hill to join the farm
road at Dykes.
Dalry trails
Assuming you come down from Dykes
farm go left along the B780 past the
works, Hillend and go right into Pitcon.
Keep right and go through a style then
along beside and behind the works on a
track. Go below a concrete bridge with a
gate and follow the river to a footbridge
and track out to the A737.
The route beside the river in the following description is under the east route by the
italics may be blocked, If so follow the red description. Go left onto the A737 and right after
the river (300m) on a trail across to Dales of Dalry
, Go right onto the A737 back to Dalry, after the
bend go left
then right down to the Station. Keep right at the station car park and in half a km cross a
footbridge keeping left on the narrow trail out to the A737 turning left. Go right onto the minor road
to saltcoats then off right just before the bridge. Follow the rough track up past High Linn and
Kittyshaw to the B780.
From here go downhill and first left into a housing scheme. take third right and left at the T junction
leading back out of the town.
Pass Miekle Broadlie and go right at the next opportunity, keeping right twice to follow the muddy
track down to B780 to complete the loop.
Birkhead to Baidlandhill via Ward law
Climb the rough steep windfarm road from Birkhead, fork left to Wardlaw and climb back up to the
windfarm road leaving it through a gate downhill to Baidlandhill. The trail  can be extended up and
back to the mast and also to the windfarm turbines.
The loop can be extended from Baidlandhill out to Plann returning through Brodoclea and Windyedge
along a delightful narrow tarmac road.
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