Dalmellington Straiton and Bradan
A 48km and 400m climb loop around the Loch Doon area.
Park at just beyond Loch Doon Dam MR476012.
Go north across the dam leaving the road on a bend when you see Dalmelington, go
down past a crag on the right to a track.
Go left down to the river Doon and right (stile) along the river, go left at the next
junction then fork left shortly joining a larger singletrack leading to a tarmac road
and right out to the west side of Dalmelington. Here go left to the crossroads with
the B741.
Go right at the crossroads, left 250m toward Brunton and immediately left onto the
old railway, follow this until you are forced down to the main road at a farm track.
Go along the main road 2km, as you enter Waterside go off the road right at the
small bridge, go below the railway into old railyard and works (Dunaskin).
Make your way behind (right hand side) and above the works along to the managers
house going down from there to an old railway track, following this along to patna,
joining the main road at the north end of the village (MR417110).
Go left into Patna then second right up past the cemetery and into the forest (left) at
the top of the hill (MR407106). Go second left, again left in 1km, and right in 1km,
just at the start of the open area with pylons leave the main track along the right
side of a wall, follow the wall to a dip, cross the burn and go up the narrower ride
without pylons.
At the top of the hill take the forest road left, right in 1km out to the B741 and right
down to Straiton and the Buck Cafe, open summer and WE winter.
Leave Straiton south along the valley, just beyond the school go right across to the
Bennan trail below Bennan hill and back out the the road at Craig, going right to the
bridge over the river Girvan (MR401009). Go left past Tairlaw farm,in  2km leave
the road before a bridge climbing into the forest, left in 1km and up to the dam.
Go down below the dam and onto the trail on the east side of Loch Bradan.
In 1km go left on the uphill trail to Loch Doon, 6km of singletrack leads to Loch
Doon (MR483985) go left back to the start.
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Caution the GPX details may be less accurate from Bradan to Doon as it is not plotted on my map.