Mountain bike routes Dalmellington
Water of Deugh kayaking
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Dalmellington and Bellsbank. Landranger 77

Route 1 in brief 16km, 200m climb, 300m push/carry, pleasant views later but partly enclosed by
trees, moderately easy.
Handy parking on the B741 at the start of the forest track (MR517081).
Follow the forest track for 1 1/2 km turn right, 3/4km right again uphill. After 2km the track
crosses more open  and ends after another 1km.
From the end of the track push 200m to a ride junction take the left ride, in another 100-150m
there is a narrow gap in the trees to the left, go down this to the end of a ride (track) alternately
continue beside the ditch a further 300m then at the end of the ditch go down a ride left to a
track. Follow this fainttrack west then down  a more substantial track. Follow this west, across a
field to the main road turning left, cross the bridge on the main road and turn right onto the Loch
Doon minor road.
At a bridge (2km) turn down the rough track and descend to the river, follow the river to a
private road.
Return through  Dalmellington and the B741.

Dalmellington and Carsphairn forest Landranger 77

Route 2  in brief 32km, 400m climb, 2km push/rough riding, limited views.
Parking is at the start of the forest track as route1, turn left after 1 1/2 km, right after another
3km to the end of the track.
Leave the track down the burn and descend to the open area beside Prickeny burn.
Follow the open area, it is quite boggy and difficult, to the track about 35 minutes of walk and
An alternative link starts at MR 553065 in an open area, go steeply up the back to the right and
into a ride heading SE at the burn go uphill 150m,  continue SE in a ride to the track on the west
side of McCowans Knowe and follow forest tracks round to Pochriegavin Burn.
Rejoin the track and go south, then two left turns and a descent brings you to an open area beside
Water of Deugh.
Go downstream beside the burn to tarmac which leads to the main road.
Right to Eriff where a track starts beside the house through a metal gate.
Cross the moor on a good track and descend to the riverside after passing the Loch Doon tarmac
Follow the river to the private tarmac road or go right uphill to a track beside Bellshill and return
through  Dalmellington and the B741.
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