Mountain bike route Dalblair
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Glenmuirshaw on the route
Open cast mining has affected these routes see notes below.
Dalblair and Corsencon Hill     Landranger  71

Route 1 in brief 30km, 450m climb, 1km push.
Park on the minor road before Dalblair, accessed from the A70 east of Cumnock. Cross the
bridge and after 100m turn left uphill, take the right fork after 1 km and continue 5km up past
High Dalblair to Glenmuirshaw.
Follow shepherds track over Connor Hill 2km (much pushing and carrying), turn right and
contour along Pepper Hill into the forest. 1km turn right 1/2km left, 1/2km right, 4 km to Fingland
and the tarmac road.
Alternately the route back via Dennigal hill may be taken elliminating the final climb and the
Kikland downhill.
Follow tarmac for 2km and join a track right at a cattle grid before a sharp left bend (ie continue
SW at MR745164). Descend to Vennel and Kirkland on a lovely grassy track with good views.
See note 1 Go to main road turn right and in 200m turn off right  over the rail bridge.
Go uphill 4km on tarmac and then 3km on track to Craigshiel ruin. Continue along the track to the
north east of  Craigdullyeart hill.
See note 2 Go right through a gate at the the old mine workings following the edge of the
workings on a faint track at the high point go to the right of the trees on a sheep track and head
right round the north of the trees, crossing a stream and following the sheperds track on the north
of the  stream back down to Dalblair.

Route 2 in brief/ 21km, 300m climb, 200m push.
Start at the north side of Corsencon Hill accessed from New Cumnock from the A76.
There is a new conveyor here with warning notices but I have had no problem with access the
two times I've been here..
Follow NE track for 4km past the ruin of Lethans and Clocklowie keeping right round to Dennigall
hill where the track becomes a forest ride.
At the ride end push a short distance  across the  to another track on the side of Earl Hill.
Go north along the east side of Earl hill on forest track to join route 1 at Drummond Knowe, go
right, 1km right again and down to Fingland.
Return to Corsencon Hill as route 1
. See note 1 below.
Note 1
This way is now blocked by open cast working the earliest way up is via Hillhead off the main
road at MR 685127. This means 4km on the A76 not a nice prospect.
Note 2
A conveyor has been layed on this track but can be followed as before but you may not
appeciate cycling beside 2km of conveyor housing.
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GPX Based on a Dennigall Hill return and should only be used
for guidance from Edge Hill to Dalblair along the quad track.