Mountain bike route by Culzean
and Lochspouts
Distance is about 26km with 300m of climb.
Culzean detail click here
Click map for Maybole detail
There are a number of routes
in this area this one has quite a
bit of tarmac but is pleasant
enough for an afternoon ride
and takes about two and a half
Out of season park in Culzean,
in season park at Maidens
shore. Cycle through Culzean
and near the exit there is a little
cottage (picture below) go left
here and follow the track out
to the A719.
Culzean Deer
Culzean cat gates
Turn off the Maybole road to a track to Old
Trees, Trees and then down to Maybole,
leaving maybole by the minor road to Kildoon
hill and right to Lochspouts and the moor track.
A track starting at MR244071 leading to
Kirkoswald and continuing over to Morriston
farm where there is a muddy track leading
down to the Cat Gates of Culzean and a stony
track back to the start.
If you started at Maidens there is a track
through Morriston farm back to the shore.
Blackthorn flower Culzean
The route passes left of this little house
From after the Lochspouts moor track this
route can be extended considerably.
Go left downhill and into the forest (second right) and go through the forest track to near
Glenlochrie, go down the minor road (left)and take the Kilgrammie track to Low Craighead. Go
right 2.5km and 2nd right up past Woodhead. Cross a field and continue past Ladybank farm to
High Park MR 224060, down to Dalquat.
Left 1/2km and the up
the track to Little
Turnberry and right to
Maidens and Culzean.
This loop adds about
12km and about100m
If that is still not
enough effort just add
Blair moor road
starting at MR325025,
giving another 12km
and a further 240m
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