Cowal MTB epic circuit

Epic Circuit

This route has bike carrying and push sections, when I did it July 08 there was shoulder high bracken along the side of Loch striven part of which was also an uphill carry ARGH!

Clyde Argyll ferry runs three time an hour in high season from McInroy's Point to Hunters Quay. Leave the ferry right to Sandbank. Right on the A885 going left at Invereck in 3km into Strath Eachaig on a minor road. In 2km cross the River Massan and go right onto a rough landrover track. In 1km there is the opportunity to visit the cafe by crossing the pedestrian metal bridge. After coffee and cake continue along the road swinging left then right at a T junction along the west side of lovely Loch Eck. Follow white markers all the way to Glenbranter. At Glenbranter cross the bridge, go left following the main track. 500m fork right, right again after a steep climb, then left to join the long track along the hillside to Glen Daruel. 1.5km fork left, and in another 4.5km go straight, 3km keep left on the hillside track, 2km go left up the windfarm track. Go straight at the first windfarm junction and straight (left) at the next junction, swinging left downhill. Climb to the end of the track keeping left going through a short ride onto moor, climb up beside the fence continuing onto An Socach ridge. Go north along the ridge 300m and descend to a ride. Go carefully down the ride and stream gully. The ground flattens at a grassy 'road' Go left to the main track in 600m (some push). descend to Loch Striven through the forest. Left on the B836, in 1 km go down a signed footpath, following signs to the lochside, then a muddy quad track turning off the quad track just below a very steep climb.

Follow the footpath with some difficulty to Invervegain where there should be a footpath by the shore at the cobbled raod (I missed it and ended up at the house). In 3 km, 300m past Inverchaolain, (see also 1 below) go up the steep forest track going along the hillside 3km (ignore a track left at 2.5km) and turn left at the ridge into Glen Fyne. In 3km is a decision (see 2 below, left for Bishops Seat) fork right down to the stream. The next 5 or 6 kilometres are a bit dull in the forest but eventually the views open up again, making the hard work all worthwhile as you descend to Dunoon.  
1.....You can opt to go into the forest at Achafour Farm (GR 111703) saving some effort and if you do not want to do Bishops Seat.
2.....If forestry operations permit fork left for bishops Seat taking the left option to the edge of the trees (GR 131761) carry and push across the tussocky moor to GR135773 where you will pick up a track down into the forest eventually onto forest tracks going left then right down to Dunoon.
I have been reliably informed there is now a link track from GR1206943 to GR 136700 as an alternative return either by a steep climb or by road.