The Guadalest valley, Spain
Walks in the Guadalest valley October 05
Dramatic Quadalest castle at the head of the valley a busy tourist spot.
I fancied a return visit to this area and
found a web site for
accommodation and booked up on line
for October school holiday week. An
Easy Jet flight from Newcastle to
Alicante and car hire from Suncars
completed the arrangements
Walking after rain can be an 'uplifting' experience
For this tripI was using the two volumes of Cicerone guide books
covering Costa Blanca.
The guides have good coverage of mountain walks and a couple of
multi day trails.

Our first walk was up to Serrella castle above Beniarda and
Embalse de Guadalest, it was a bit of a slog up a steep forest track
sometimes concreted, not an ideal choice but the views were good
from the ruined Castle.
Pena Mulero on day two was a much pleasanter walk, 14km and
600m, just to the east of the highest peak in the area, Aitana.
Serrella mountains and the Quadalest reservior walk.
That evening it rained so next day we
stayed low, having a walk round
Embalse de Guadalest on a forest track,
it was lovely, except for the build up of
mud on the boots. The sky cleared and
we had beautiful views of the Serrella
mountains above the reservior.
After the walk we visited Guadalest
castle well worth the 3.50 euros entance.
From the castle top I saw the peaky outline of the Sierra de Bernia and decided there and then
that we must have a walk up there, I'm glad we did, the top is a bit of a scramble and on route
is the ruins of Bernia fort. We also contoured along the mountain to the forat (hole) which goes
right through the ridge at its eastern end. An absolutely fabulous days walk of six hours.
The scramble up Bernia put me in the
notion for Pena Roc described in the guide
book as a bit of a scamble up a loose steep
gully and a rocky ridge walk. The gully was
a bit iffy but the views from the summit of
the crags was magnificent, we walked
along the crag edge with a shear drop on
the right.
Last day was Aitana, the highest mountain
in the area, it has a lovely narrow track all
the way to fat mans agony onto the summit
ridge, with huge broken cliffs and great
views it was a lovely final days outing.
Bernia from Guadalest Castle
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