Mountain biking over
Corserine Hill
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Loch Doon and Corserine
Carlin's Cairn and Corserine       Landranger 77

Route in brief
Only for those who enjoy carrying, pushing and falling off their bike as much as riding it.
38km, 800m climb, 3km carry 1km push, rough descent with some falls. Great view,
great fun for masochists.

Start 1km north of Carsphairn on the A713. Follow the track to the lead mines past
Garryhorn farm. From the highest point of the lead mines the track goes north to
Drumjohn turn left uphill off the track after the gate. This is where the push carry starts
up to the summit of Coran of Portmark. Ride south to Meaul, Carlin's cairn and Corserine
(if you can). From the summit trig point on Corserine cycle east and take the north east
Polmaddy ridge. There is a track zig zags down to Folk Burn off the east side of Polmaddy
Gairy this gives a good descent (with care). The track continues to the forest track at MR
526875 but is muddy in places, if you miss this then before Craignelder chose a descent
line noth east to the forest edge. Fall off a few times then chose a ride to the forest track.
Follow the track 4 km to tarmac, then 6 km to the A713. Cycle back to the start by the
main road.
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