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Carrick Hills
Diary entry April 05
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Brown Carrick Hill   Landranger  70
Route1 in brief (black)
11km, 200m climb, good view some push near the south road..
Over the past couple of days (March05) I have investigated Carrick hills again and have descided the
origial route could be improved by using the new Maybole path, I have altered the desciption to
accommodate this.  There is also an excellent variation by starting at Dunure and climbing up the
Dunduff track. The return is good this way but it adds 6km and 200m climb.

Park near the tarmac track that leads up to the communications masts. Cycle up past the masts, keep
high and use the stile to cross the electric fence about 200 m beyond the masts. Go to the right of the
small hill to find a faint track which leads to the top of Brown Carrick Hill. Pass the triangulation pillar
and descend to the trees to where there is a gate. Go through the ride, turn right and go into the field.
Turn left and follow the edge of the field (there's a quad track 50m from the fence) to a good track
(1/2km), go uphill through the gate and just before the loch fork right (waymarked). Follow this
rough track 1 km (may be overgrown with bracken in summer) to a fence at the edge of the moor
.At the fence turn right following the walk markers along the fence edge out to the road at MR280130
going left and left again climbing back to the start.
Route2 in brief (RED) 13 km 200m climb (part on the beach so tide needs to be low)
The west side of the Carrick hills has many tracks. The red route starts at Howmoor, parking on the
edge of the minor road at MR285117. Go past Howmoor but go round the left side of Red Moss loch
joining a track leading to a gate. Through the gate and keep right steeply up then contouring on a flat
area on a faint track. The track improves and divides take the upper one which contours pleasantly
round the west side of Knowside but then deteriorates, keep level do not go down the obvious muddy
track left. The higher track leads into the gorge below Drumshang loch where there is a very nice
obvious level track left to the trees.   Cross the fence and continue to the little man made loch (MR
260139).  Drumshang loch can be visited from here up a firm track it is out and back but it is a nice
spot. From the loch go south west over the little hill, descend and then turn north (right)  toward
Drumshang along the track in the trees. Exit to the main road half a km north of Drumshang and
return to the track opposite, if the tide is out go directly down this to the beach on a very nice little
trail, if the tide is high then follow the main road. Leave the beach after 3 km at the minor road end
and climb toward the main road. At MR248111 is a track up into Culzean for a little fun loop. After
Culzean continue to the main road, go left and turn off the B7023 to Old Trees, Trees, and Bogside
the back to the start.
A link from route 1 to route 2 can be made giving a combined distance of 24km but with quite a
bit on tarmac although this can be interrupted by going round the Rifle Range ridge and back down to
the road or even by reversing part of route 1 but this is hard work back over Brown Carrick hill.
The link is made by leaving route 1 along to Blacktop hill then go along the side of the forest until the
burn can be crossed, turn back to the burn and find a quad track on the left of the burn leading down
to Drumshang forest (high bracken in summer).. Half way down it goes right, steeply down for 25m
beside a little burn, it joins the main track at MR 260146, going left leads up to a lochan beside the
trees and a track leads east to Drumshang Loch on a firm trail but gives out just beyond, its a nice
spot though. Also the loop SW over the hill and back north to Drumshang can be added to the
combined route.  
Other tracks
On the east side of Red Moss Loch on the ridge is a track leading from Howmoor cottage above the
disused rifle range and down to the minor road corner at MR280130.
The summit of Knowside can be reached either from MR265135 by leaving route 2 and following the
quad trail among the confusing knolls, or from the west side of Red Moss Loch on a faint quad track
with some pushing needed.
Newark hill track
This is a useful descent from the hill. To find this track cycle over the highest point on the minor road
over Carrick hills (heading south) the road dips a little then climbs, on the left is a flat grassy area
with gorse in the distance. Cycle over this area to a small gap in the gorse which is the start of the
track at a gate. Follow the quad track over the flat summits heading east eventually the track follows
a fence then goes down hill north (left). When you clearly see the tree line with a field on its right it is
time to go steeply down on a grassy track passing a pond on your right. Join the tarmac road and
descend to the maybole B road. There is a higher track which joins the tarmac road  and gives a
smooth run down to the B road. This starts at the far left corner of the field seen above.
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Caution these GPX routes are not accurate over the rough ground as they have been map plotted from
the description and my memory.