The windfarm from Caldron hill

Bradshaw and Fairlie

This walk is 13km and 300m climb graded hard
and is shown by green circles on the routes map.

Leave the station car park turning right along Cubrieshaw St, with the garage on your left.
Go right at Gateside St out of the town going straight on (left) at the island.
150m past the island turn right up toward Crosbie Main farm.
In 1km fork left up past the farm and in a further 300m pass the red brick water treatment building, through a gate and along the now rough track, passing a reservior as you walk to the edge of the moor.
Go left following the quad track up a little ridge, the track bend right and gets quite steep up behind a weathered rock and levels out.
Follow this track to the dip between Glentane and Caldron hill marked by a large rock, from the rock follow the quad track but leave it in 150m left to climb onto Caldron hill ridge up a faint diagonal path left, turn right along the delightfull ridge to the summit and a marvellous view of the islands and local hills.
Make your way through the heather on sheep tracks to the south east top and then 200m south to a good track beside shooting butts, go left on this track but where it bend left off the ridge continue on the ridge on rough ground to the road.
Turn right along the road 1/2km to the track left into Knockendon reservior, cross the dam and the outflow bridge admiring the view down the burn toward Caff reservior.
Beyond the outflow bridge turn left up a quad track and then follow it as it contours along the hillside to Bradshaw ruin and a view of Arran.
A little way beyond Bradshaw after crossing a burn the quad track is difficult to see but should be followed uphill for a short distance onto a pleasant grassy ridge and a spectacular little gorge with waterfalls.
Continue north west between Lairdside and Green hill, contouring beyond Lairdside to avoid the tussocks lower down the slope.
Drop down to the sheilling beside the bend in the burn, from here follow the right bank ot the burn on an improving track down Fairlie Glen, admiring fabulous views over the islands to Arran, go behind the castle on a small track and left across the footbridge to the railway station or straight on to the main road for a bus.
Trains are on the hour going to West Kilbride, buses are 10minutes after the hour and half hour.