Mountain bike route around Ballantrae Coast
Distance 27km climb 450km
Portandea. The cabin is unoccupied according to the shepherd I asked.
I had been keen to visit the coastal tracks
south of Ballantrae area for a while so one
sunny April morning I decided to make the
one and a half hour car trip from my home
Old bridge over the Stinchar at Ballantrae
There is parking in Ballantrae
on the sea front.
The route starts with a 144m
climb on tarmac to Low
Ballochdowan where the rough
track begins on the right.
From any point on the climb
there are great views to Aisla
Craig and Arran.
I noticed on the map that there are little 'Ports' on the coast so I took a detour down to Portandea
where there is the little shack pictured above. This is a 100m descent and climb on a rough track.
Before the A77 is a track on the left through a metal gate and before the bridge at MR073745
leading along the north side of the Water of App to join the forest track on the hillside. I stayed low
and had to cycle the A77 from Altimeg to Garlock House, but there was a track on the left early in
the forest which may connect to the higher forest track hence reducing the distance on the A77.
Upper Glen App from Carlock House is lovely, its like a highland glen but the track runs out and
the last bit up to Benawhirter is a push/part cycle on sheep tracks for the best part of a kilometre. I
went straight on at the end of the track to the end of the fence and kept about 150m to the left of
the dry stone wall. Once on the track down from Beneraird its a good run down to Ballantrae, the
last kilometre is on the A77 but downhill.
There are a number of tracks I would still like to investigate so I will be back again I am sure.
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Caution the GPX file was map plotted and will be less accurate over rough trackless