Two mountain bike routes at Auchincruive
Two routes in the Auchincruive area a short 8km and a longer 24km with a lunch stop at Stair
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Auchincruive     Landranger 70
Short route in brief;
8km, 40m climb, some steps, path by river floods after
heavy rain.
Park at Oswald bridge over the River Ayr in the grounds of
Achincruive Agricultural College.
Set off upstream on the west bank. After 2km turn right on to a track uphill on this track to
Cross the road slightly left on to a footpath and after 200m downhill go right on to an
old railway.
In 300m the track leads to an open area close to a gate. Go across the main track on to a faint
path, 20m the path bends left downhill and can be overgrown in summer.
The path leads steeply down to the river and then improves. Follow the riverside for 2km, there
are some gates and steps and the path may be flooded after heavy rain.
Turn left at the main road, cross the river over a stile on the right then another in 150m, follow
the riverside. At Wallace's seat go down to the river and follow the track eventually onto an old
railway continue along the railway into a field which is crossed on a faint track out to the road
and then right back to the start.
Auchincruive      Landranger 70 ----Longer 24km route description.
Start at Mossblown church on the B742 (MR408243).
Follow the path (singletrack) toward Auchincruive.
In 1km go straight across the junction, and in 200m fork right off the main path climbing on a
narrow track which rejoins the main track.
Go right staying on the bigger track ignoring the narrow descent, then fork left going to the end
of the trees, then follow the fence on singletrack, fork left down to the track near the river and
follow it out to a gate and then along the riverside out to the minor road at Oswald bridge.
Extra singletrack in bold.
There are two little singletrack loops worth doing (not on map) go right and then left in 300m
onto the cycleway, in 200m is a gate on the right into a wood, go in here and half way up go
left, following the track to the end of the wood.
At the end return to the minor road and go left up hill, go in the  main college entrance right,
then right in 150m, just beyond the rodedendrons (250m) cross the grass left into the trees
follow the singletrack through the trees, down some steps to a track, right, through a gate,
right back out to the main thoroughfare, go left past Oswald hall and back out to the minor
road turning left.
Go left across the bridge and at the second gate (beyond the cottage) go left across a fenced field
At the far side the track goes into the trees and bends left but you go right onto single track,
300m is steps on the left out to a promontory, a nice place for a rest. Leaving the promontory
fork right down hill and follow the track and then old railway (left fork into the cutting) back out
to the road.
Go left on tarmac to Auchincruive holdings cutting the corner on a track down to the B744
where you go left round to the bridge over the river Ayr.
You can also get to this bridge from wallace's seat by following the riverside (left as you come
up from the promontory) on the River Ayr way.
Cross the river and immediately go right along the riverside following the river round to the mill
then leaving it to climb up into Annbank at the next right fork.
Go second right in Annbank to the trees going left along a level path, through two barriers,
straight on at a path junction and out to the B742 at MR411233, climb to the gate of Enterkine
House and go right down the driveway.
Fork left at the bottom up and climb right at the converted mill out to the minor road and down
to Stair Inn for a refreshment.
Leave Stair south on the B730 but take first right to the B742, go left at the crossroads, down to
the bridge, there take the minor road right after crossing and in 1.5km go right down a track
(MR411204), left at the bottom, and after the caravan park go right, following the rough road out
to the 5 way crossroads at MR 393207, go across passing Potterhill and on down to the B744.
Go straight over onto the track you came down earlier returning along to Oswald bridge then
back along the riverside toward Mossblown.
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