Mountain bike route Ardentinny and Glenbranter
Distance 55km climb 300m
On a recent visit (July06) I used the new track
just north of the Botanic Garden, off the main
A815 at the south end of the loch. It climbs
very steeply but saves the (scenic) tarmac road
to Ardentinny. If you choose this way (red
dots on rthe map) then leave the main road at
MR146828 up Strath Eachaig going along the
river track just after crossing the River
Massan. You can  have a coffee stop at the
cafe in the gardens before continuing left along
 the main road a few hundred metres to a car
park on the right and the singletrack ascent.
A good alternative is to do the whole route
clockwise, most of the climbing gets done in
one massive climb, the views is possibly better
and the singletrack at the end is downhill
(watch out for walkers).
The start of the original route is on tarmac
however there is a forest track above Kilmun
and Strone but this adds 150m of climb. The
only slight difficulties in navigation  are firstly
above whistlefield where there is a very small
trail from the forest road to the tarmac and
north forest track so look out for it.
At Glenbranter village the cycle trail markers
point up the glen but do not go that way, do
not climb but keep left below Glenshellish onto
the west track along the side of Loch Eck.
At Benmore gardens is the cafe stop by the
main road, from here follow the west side of
the  river on a good track  onto the Glen
Massan tarmac road and back to Sandbank
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