Faint intermittent grassy track. From Fechan the first 300m is push/carry then faint with gates but a nice descent to Haylie reservior  and short climb to the view point above the Douglas park downhill. Route bb
Douglas park short downhill with berms and jumps. Route ba
Landrover track through upper Kelburn. Route bf
Go behind the water works, push up to the road for a link across to Haylie reservior and Douglas park down hill. Route bd
Hard going on a muddy track along the edge of the moor. Route bi
Tarmac road in Kelburn. Route bg
Fairlieward track nice in places muddy in others. Route bh
Firm track between High Baidland and Plann. Beyond Plann the track to Camphill is overgrown and a push to North Burn. GPX route cc
Faint muddy trail between Wardlaw and the dam. Route aq
Hard going on a wet muddy track along the edge of the moor some push.
Steep  firm rough track  climb north to south. Route bg to bl
Downhill from north to south rough and muddy combines with Fairlie Glen for a great downhill run. Route bl
Marvelous downhill through Fairlie glen go behind the castle and watch out for dogs and walkers. Route bn
Some nice singletrack just east of the main path
Level link track between Fairlie Glen to Kelburn. Route bk
Remote quad track best after a dry spell or if frozen. Route bp
Wide firm windfarm rough road. Route aq
Soft track up Kaim hill. Route br
Fabulous downhill from Kaim Hill through the quarry. Route br
Nice ridge track with a marvelous view
Rough sometimes muddy track. Route bo
Lovely little singletrack best from south to north. Route bo
Continuation of the downhill from Kaim Hill through the quarry
Continuation of the downhill from Kaim Hill through the quarry. Route bv
Continuation of the downhill from Kaim Hill through Biglees on the quarry  track. Route aj
Biglees quarry rough track gives a Fairlie Moor link. Route bz
Link between Glentane Hill and Biglees quarry soft going when wet. Route  bw
Lower Glentane track wet muddy and some push
Mid Glentane track firm faint and requires skill. Route ab
Upper Glentane track muddy rutted and a push to reach the downhill on the north side of the hill . Route ac
A push both ways to get to the top of Caldron hill best done from the Failie moor road  to the north east. Route ad
Tarmac road up to Crosbie farm then rough track to the moor. Route ao
Soft hard going link along the edge of the moor between Crosbie and Blackshaw areas. Route ap
Firm track off of Blackshaw farm entrance. Route ap
Firm at first then field edges to a nice but muddy track down to Law Castle and West Kilbride hard work going the other way. Route aw
Faint quad track off Knockewart hill. Route ay
Faint track beside the wall between the windfarm and Knockewart track
Good firm rough windfarm road. Route az
Field crossing between Lawhill and Busbie moor Windfarm, some push
Track round field edge between Lawhill and Yonderton best done that way. Route av
Footpath tends to be overgrown and danger of thorns.
Track on Rigging Hill but is push between Rigging Hill and Greeto Bridge. Gpx route cb
Good track to Greeto Bridge beyond becomes faint and then push
Sustrans track past old Hunterston Castle. Route by
Nice singletrack if dry between Portencross and the Power station road. Route bt
Nice tracks over Goldenberry Hill but can be muddy. Route ag
Firm singletrack next to the beach choose a following wind. Route ar
Golf course crossings
Through the Glen- no cycling. Route ar
Steep loose track up the south side of Law Hill and a muddy descent on the north back round to the castle
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Windfarm firm track link to Blackshaw trail. GPX route ca
Moor link from quarry. Route aa
Retrun to West Kilbride Route bh
Short road link. Route ai
Road link to quarry. Route an
Start up Law hill. Route at
Short road link. Route as
Road climb out of West Kilbride. Route au
Road link to windfarm trail. Route az
Lower Kelburn track out to Haylie brae. Route bc
Track beside the marina. Route be
Nice rough track beside the garage in or out of Kelburn. Route bj
Trail (no cycling) along Fairlie sea front. Route bm
Cycleway beside main road. Route bq
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