Afton and Windy Standard mountain bike route
Windfarm on Windy Standard
Glennoch bothy
Buggy by the windfarm
On 7thMay I was back at the windfarm and
discovered a usefull track which reduces the hike
across to Moorbrock. I have incorporated it into
the route below, so you can make a choice which
way you would prefer. I recommend the new
track as it has the bothy for interest and a natural
break, although the descent is steep and a shortish
Afton and Windy Standard   
Landranger 77
Route in brief
40 km, 1100 m climb, strenuous with carry and push.
Interest - Wind farm on Windy Standard.

There is a parking area just after the water works below Afton reservoir (MR632065).
Cycle up the tarmac road and climb steeply beside the reservoir overflow.
Go right uphill at the track and then left uphill continuing to the open moor on the south slopes of
Black Hill.
Cycle left round the valley of the water of Deugh to the point of Gallow Rig (MR 602644) and go
steeply up Gallow Rig to the windfarm and south of the summit of Windy Standard.
Recent cycling has revealed a forest track starting at Craigtarson (MR 595005)  going out past
Glennoch bothy to the track on the side of Green hill. By leaving the windfarm track at the gate
near Dugland hill going over Dugland and descending to the bothy (too steep to cycle) this track
makes an good alternative to the hike to Moorbrock. It has less than 1km of really rough stuff
and a bothy to visit on route. Skip the next paragraph if this suits you better.

At the summit wind turbine (second last) leave the track to the fence junction where a shepherds
track can be followed south toward Keoch Rig and Moorbrock.
Make the best way when the track disappears. From the top of Moorbrock a good track goes
down past the west side of Moorbrock cottage to the tarmac road.

Go left and follow the tarmac road to Lorg.
Just after the bridge before Lorg leave the road across two stiles.
Follow the track through the ferns into the wood then follow the ride to the forest track.
Go left and left again up the long climb over Polskeoch Rig, descending past the ruin of
Euchanhead. Keep left uphill again between West and Mid hills then down to Kello Water.
Left to Hillend where kennelled dogs will make a bit of noise.  Continue past the explosive test
area to the end of the track.
Go right uphill keeping near the fence uphill to the right.
At an old ICI truck but still below the fence about 100m, the track becomes more obvious,
follow it over Quintin Knowe, and down to Glen Afton.
Unfortunately the track is not very well formed and is rather hard work for tired cyclists.
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