Dalbeattie forest trails map
Mountain biking 7stanes selection
September 04
The weather man was promising three days of good
weather so I decided it would be a good opportunity to
sample the delights of some 7stanes routes.

Dalbeattie was the first choice as it is handy for
Minigaff youth hostel.
The afternoon was a little dull but after getting a leaflet
in the Dalbeattie post office it was time to set off on the
Hardrock trail from the Richorn car park just south of
Dalbeattie on the A710.
The Slab
Route finding was easy, just follow the red arrows, there were
some surprises on route, round bends there were sudden drops,
the tracks flow and climbing is well graded. The 27 km of trail
was well done, linked by forest roads but I chickened out of the
black options.
Kiroughtree forest trail map
Kiroughtree is only a short drive from Minigaff so
that was the choice for next morning. Parking is
signposted off the A75 south of Newton Stewart. The
single track in the forest is excellect,  there is a lot of
forest road linking the features on the black section
but McMoab and Talnotry hill make it all worthwile
Part of McMoab
Mabie was the afternoon choice and while it
was good fun the route did not flow like
Dalbeatie and Kiroughtree there was fast
downs followed by granny gear climbs and the
ridge trail was too muddy, so I was a little
disappointed. I skipped the black loop.
There is a longer trail through Mabie and south
descibed in the
Mabie page.
Mabie forest trail map
Mabie view from the Ridge
Glentress was the plan for next day so Melrose
hostel was the stop over.
The red route is not as technical as Dalbeatie and was
quite short as Spooky wood was closed, it was
mainly fast flowing single track. After a break at the
cafe it was time for part two, the black route.
Glentress forest trails map
Resting after a hard day
Soor Plooms and the Goat Track were nice with the
little rock chute for a thrill, but that climb to the mast
AAARG!! and then  its a bit dull for a while on a
snakebite trail. It got better from the high shelter until
the long climb to Kirn Law shelter.
Suddenly it got all technical at Black Dog which was a bit of a shock after the 'easy'
stuff before. The rest was straight forward although the Wormhole was missed due to lack of
The 7stanes routes visited were great fun, for a short thrilling outing Dalbeattie is good, for a good
afternoon Kiroughtree has lots if you dont mind the trek on forest tacks, for a day out, riding both
routes at Glentress should do nicely. Mabie is OK if there is no other choice.
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